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Growing Again buys and sells good quality, gently-used clothing, toys, books and equipment. We buy all seasons and all sizes, year-round. 


We buy in-season/off-season clothing newborn to teen size. 

Clothes should be in fashion, freshly-laundered, without stains, rips, fading, animal hair or pilling.

As the value of the garment type, brand and condition drops, so does the selling price and the percentage we’re able to pay.

Toys & Equipment

Toys & equipment should be complete, clean, in good working order, and no more than three years-old. Any and all equipment should be in clean, in good condition, and not under recall.  

We sell these items depending on the size for up to half of what they are selling for new, and pay sellers up to half of our selling price, depending on the item’s condition and the expected time it will take for the item to sell. 

How We Buy

We buy outright and pay cash immediately upon acceptance of an offer. We also offer 15 percent more if you choose in-store credit for the items we take. 

We buy some equipment on consignment, in which case we pay if and when an item sells.

PLEASE NOTE: Consignments will be by appointment only until further notice. If you would like to make an appointment to sell, please call (515) 987-5705 or message us for a date and time. 

How We Price

We use the NextGen Pricing System in our store. The NextGen provides a comprehensive, computerized payment pricing system and helps prevent over/under pricing.